SyncDNA enables full Dolby Atmos support remotely

SyncDNA team

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Play with Dolby Atmos from anywhere

The ground-breaking technology from Dolby Laboratories transcends traditional surround sound, offering a three-dimensional sound experience. With features such as sound objects and overhead speakers, Dolby Atmos allows precise sound placement in a spatial environment. Despite current external collaboration challenges, SyncDNA enables professionals to manipulate and experience Dolby Atmos content from anywhere. This innovation ensures the continued transformative effect of Dolby Atmos on auditory experiences worldwide.

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SyncDNA enables full Dolby Atmos support remotely

SyncDNA is the first technology on the market to allow for full Dolby Atmos support remotely. How does it work? SyncDNA allows you to complete your review & approval stages with Dolby Atmos support directly from any DAW or NLE to any online reviewer using the SyncDNA standalone application, including both video and audio support. Including, timeline-based commenting system and video conferencing systems for live communications and playback.

Review video and audio in accurate synchronization with up to 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos set up at 24 BIT/48K for concurrent remote connection to the mix system. SyncDNA is eliminating the barriers of geographically distance, latency and remote collaboration, while upholding professional industry standard quality for producers, engineers, artists, musicians and composers.

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