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Frank Morrone

Emmy award winning re-recording mixer

"SyncDNA will provide a minimum 20-30% timesaver on all the work I do, and has a potential to go way beyond that. A collaborative system like this does not exist within audio post-production. It solves a major problem.”

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Michael Frondelli

Engineer, producer, consultant & former VP of Capitol Records Studios (1990-2001)

“SyncDNA eliminates technological hesitation, the nemesis of creative spontaneity. Collaborative communication is essential to ensuring excellence is achieved in every successful creative project.​ SyncDNA’s unparalleled technology has cracked the code for real-time, sample accurate synchronization of metadata and media objects resolving “last mile” latencies from multiple locations.​ The future of synchronous global digital recording is now."

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Dennis S. Sands

Emmy award winning scoring and re-recording mixer

"SyncDNA meets all the demands and expectations of how such a system should work. It will be appealing to everybody within the music and film industry. This is a very cool concept, very intriguing.”

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Chris Baseford

Producer, engineer and mixer worked with Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Daughtry, and Shinedown

“Collaboration needs to go beyond simply seeing a musician on a video screen and hearing their microphone. It needs to replicate what it would be like if we were in the same room together. Imagine being able to facilitate a creative conduit between a group of musicians that are all in different parts of the world? This takes SyncDNA way beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. The collaborative opportunities become endless and will truly defy any technical boundaries we’ve had to deal with up until now.”

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Tom Harriman

Emmy award winning composer, writer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist

“With reference to projects I oversee, [SyncDNA’s] solution will save me more than 100,000 USD per year. Currently, I estimate that 50% of my time is related to manual collaboration methods over a shared cloud service environment…Your description of the industry is spot on.”