John “Beetle” Bailey Wins a Grammy Award

SyncDNA team

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Canadian recording engineer, John “Beetle” Bailey, (CTO and one of the founders of SyncDNA) was awarded a 2021 Grammy for the Best Latin Pop Album for his work on Cuban-Canadian singer Alex Cuba’s album "Mendó.” The prestigious win stands out among a competitive category of impressive nominees, including artists such as Selena Gomez. Bailey, a veteran in the recording engineering scene, has lent his expertise to the music world for over two decades. His passion and skill have allowed him to contribute to numerous albums that obtained international recognition.

Alex Cuba

Alex Cuba's Grammy Award winning album "Mendó"

Although Bailey’s work in music production is being recognized at a Grammy level, his true passion is technology. Currently, Bailey is channeling his vast experience into technological advancements as the CTO (and founder) of SyncDNA, a company at the forefront of music and film production technology.

Under his leadership, SyncDNA is pioneering real-time sample-accurate advanced remote collaboration tools. This innovative tool integrates metadata transmission technology and offers intuitive workflows, revolutionizing how producers, engineers, artists, musicians and composers collaborate during production and post-production phases.

John winns Junos.jpg

The recognition for Bailey's exceptional work extends beyond the Grammys. He has been nominated eight times in the Juno Awards for Recording Engineer of the Year, taking home the honor twice in 2007 and 2020. Such accolades are a testament to his influence and impact on the music industry.

John "Beetle" Bailey's journey is a shining example of where passion, expertise and innovation can lead. His Grammy win is not just a personal triumph but a milestone for the Canadian music scene, proving that talent from Ontario can indeed capture the world stage